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The Envitech team is made up of experienced individuals who are passionate about their work and have received top-of-the-line training, in addition to holding degrees in various disciplines, including electricity technology, electrodynamics and electrical engineering. Most members of our team have also been with us for several years. At Envitech, you’re in good hands and we’re proud to introduce ourselves!

Jean-Claude Daoust

Jean-Claude has been working in the control panel sector for nearly 30 years. After starting out as an assembler-wiring man, Jean-Claude worked as a shop foreman and then as a project manager, after which he became a general manager. He was named vice-president of the company in 2001, and has been president since 2009.

Email: jcdaoust@envitechautomation.com
514 333-5700, ext. 257

Diane David
Vice-president / Foreman

After starting out as a wiring-assembler at Envitech in 2001, Diane quickly became team supervisor and then foreman, a job she has held since 2010. She also is the vice-president since 2009. Diane has over 23 years’ experience in the industry.

Email: ddavid@envitechautomation.com

Phone :
514 333-5700, p. 250

Christine Lord

After working in a public accountants firm for 10 years, Christine worked as a controller for a manufacturing company for 15 years. She joined Envitech’s team in 2010 as controller.

Email:    clord@envitechautomation.com

514 333-5700, ext. 347

Marie-Hélène Rivest
Administrative Assistant

Marie-Hélène has been working in the administrative field for 23 years now. She holds of a DEP in administration. She joined the team as an Administrative Assistant in 2015. Her role is to support the Project Managers, the sales and the Accountants.

E-Mail: mhrivest@envitechautomation.com
Phone :
514-333-5700, p. 221

Clifford Staveley

Before holding his current position as buyer, Clifford worked at Envitech as an assembler-wiring man, after which he was shop foreman for eight years. Clifford completed training in electricity and has over 26 years’ experience in control panel manufacturing.

514 333-5700, ext. 285

Guy-Dominique Chacroun
Senior Project Manager

Guy-Dominique holds a degree in electrical engineering and has over 43 years’ experience in the control panel sector. He has been with Envitech since 2005. He also has extensive experience in project estimation and sales.

514 333-5700, ext. 299

Reza Aslani
Project Manager

Reza Holds an AEC in industrial automation as well as a baccalaureate in Electronic Engineering . He has over 10 years’ experience in the industries. He joined Envitech in 2013 as an assembler-wiring man after which he became a project manager.

Email : raslani@envitechautomation.com
Phone :
514 333-5700, ext. 261

François Larin
Project Manager / Estimating

François holds a degree in electrodynamics and has over 22 years’ experience in the industry. He has started as a tester at Envitech in 2011, and is now project manager / estimating since January 2014. He has also worked on many building sites, identifying faulty components and various other issues.

514 333-5700, ext. 252

Benoît Beaudry
Project Manager

Benoît started at Envitech as a wiring-assembler in 2014. He quickly became a Tester and then moved up to the position he now has. He also holds a DEP in Electronics and he has been working in the trade since 2003.

Courriel : bbeaudry@envitechautomation.com
Téléphone :
514 333-5700, p. 344

Simon Gibouleau
Project Manager/ Industrial designer

Simon joined the team in 2016. He holds a DEC in industrial electronics profile automation and control. Prior to his current position at Envitech, Simon worked as a wiring-assembler for 2 years.

Courriel : sgibouleau@envitechautomation.com
Téléphone :
514 333-5700, p. 226

Pierre Michaud

Pierre holds a college diploma in electrical engineering – instrumentation and controls, in addition to having studied electricity technology at Montreal’s École de technologie supérieure. Pierre has worked as a tester with Envitech since 2005, and has over 28 years’ experience in the industry.

514 333-5700